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Monty Python Set
by Oliver Weikopf

This Set was generated mainly in the course of the summer of 2001. A thread over on the WotC Messageboards had been started to find out whether many MtG players were Monty Python fans. The response was very good, so I decided to start another thread proposing possible Monty Python cards. Others joined in and soon we had about a hundred cards.

The cards started out rather ridiculous. Knights of the Round Table, for example, had the ability: ", sing and dance the Knights of the Round Table Dance: Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Knights of the Round Table this turn."
But I soon decided that I wanted a real, playable set. So these funny, but Unglued-style abilities were removed - not all of them, but most.

I always rendered the cards with Magic Set Editor, but soon realized that it couldn't do a couple of things I wanted it to do. So I started programming my own MtG Editor in Java. By now, it's gotten pretty complex and it took me quite some time to make it, so the Python set was sadly neglected.
But in 2002, when I was unemployed for a while, I finished the set by balancing out cards, looking for better pictures and Flavor, adding new cards, and distributing them correctly over the colors and rareties. I can tell you, by now I've got a LOT of respect for the work the R&D people at WotC do (I still envy them, though).

So today I've got a full playable set. Many others were involved in making it, but I can't track down who. Since I did well above half the cards myself, and tweaked nearly all of them, I don't feel that bad about this, anyway.

Now enjoy the cards!

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